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Who we are

Vega Institute Foundation is a joint project of Lomonosov Moscow State University and VTB Group.

The main goals of the Foundation are to support and develop the school of financial mathematics in Russia, as well as to train highly qualified specialists in the financial industry. We aim to bring together students, scientists and the business community.

The Vega Institute Foundation was established at the end of 2020. Since Spring 2021 every semester we launch a program of open special courses, develop student research groups, support undergraduate and graduate students with scholarships, which allows them to focus on their studies and research activities.

In September 2022 we launched joint long-term educational programs with our partner faculties in Moscow State Lomonosov University:

  • Specialization "Stochastic Financial Mathematics and Economics" in cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics;
  • Specialization "Quantitative Finance" within the framework of the MSE master program;
  • Specialization "Computational finance" within the framework of the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics master program.

Our long-term programs, open special courses and summer schools give students the opportunity to learn from world-renowned teachers. Participants of student scientific groups can not only apply their knowledge in practice, they get a chance to prove themselves and cooperate with representatives of the financial sector.

Our major activities are:

  • specialized educational programs at three partner faculties in Moscow State Lomonosov University
  • open special courses program;
  • scholarship program for undergraduate and graduate students of Moscow State University;
  • summer schools and conferences dedicated to financial mathematics on the basis of Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosov as well as other educational institutions;
  • student scientific groups and scientific trips;

The Foundation holds conferences, seminars, conducts active research activities in the field of financial mathematics, attracting leading experts in science and industry for cooperation.