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Demo day of student scientific groups

On Saturday, September 24, as part of the upcoming selection campaign, a series of meetings-presentations of student research groups of the Vega Institute Foundation will be held, which are designed to help students decide on their choice of research.

Leaders of student research groups will speak at the Demo Day. This season, research will take place in five areas:

• Currency market making;
• Stochastic volatility models;
• Factor analysis and forecasting: from stock market sentiment to inflation expectations;
• Optimal control in decentralized finance;
• Pricing & hedging of derivatives on proprietary indices.

The participants of the meeting will learn more about applied research problems and the entry requirements for students. 

Participants will be able to ask questions directly to the group leaders before making a choice in favor of a particular group.

September 24, from 12:30 to 14:30

MSE MSU, floor 3, room 308 or remotely

Who can participate:

• students of 3-4 years of specialist and bachelor's programme,
• students of the 5th-6th year of the specialist programme; 
• students of 1st and 2nd year of Master's programme;
• postgraduate students.

To participate, you must register.