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Application call for extra spots in Student Research Groups is open

From March 17 to March 22 students who wish to join the work of student research groups of the Vega Institute Foundation can apply for extra spots in Spring 2023.

The Foundation actively supports research in the field of modern mathematical finance based on advanced mathematical methods and with an applied future. To this end, in February 2021, student research groups were launched and successfully continue their work today. The groups are engaged in interdisciplinary research under the guidance of diverse specialists from academia and industry attracted by the Foundation.

This year research is being conducted in six areas:
Group 1. Stochastic volatility models;
Group 2. Optimal control in decentralized finance;
Group 3. Factor analysis and forecasting;
Group 4. Pricing and hedging of derivatives on proprietary indices;
Group 5. FX market making;
Group 6. Fundamental problems of mathematical finance.
Students of all courses starting from the 3rd year of study are invited to participate in the application call. Participants who are Foundation fellows or students of educational programs supervised in partnership with the Foundation have an advantage in selection, all other things being equal.

Applications must be submitted by March 22 inclusive on the website of student research groups. Applicants should take into account the prerequisites listed in group syllabuses.

Active group members who have received confirmation of their continued work do not need to apply for the call.

From March 23 to March 26 interviews will be held for applicants who have submitted applications and meet the criteria for the call.

The results of the call will be published on the website. Stay tuned!