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Global Seminar kicks off in October

On Tuesday, October 4, the new season of the "Global Seminar" project will start under the supervision of Yuri M. Kabanov, Scientific Director of the Vega Institute Foundation.

The ''Global Seminar'' meetings are aimed to discuss new developments and methods, the application of which is possible within the framework of financial and actuarial mathematics. The speakers of the Global Seminar are leading Russian and foreign scientists.

The first speaker of this season will be Arnak S. Dalalyan, Professor of Statistics at ENSAE Paris, Director of CREST. He will make a report on the topic "Approximate sampling from smooth and log-concave densities". Arnak is a promising young scientist whose research interests lie in high dimensional statistics, statistics of diffusion processes and statistical learning theory. Arnak is on the editorial board of the Annals of Statistics, Bernoulli, Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes and the Journal of the Japan Statistical Society.

Anyone can participate by registering in advance. You can see the meetings schedule and register here.