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Launch of the Global Seminar in the new academic year

The Global Seminar returns from summer break and resumes for the 2023/24 academic year.

The first session will take place on Saturday, October 21. The new cycle will be opened with a talk by Prof. Konstantin Borovkov, the University of Melbourne, with the topic "Parisian ruin with random deficit-dependent delays for spectrally negative Lévy processes".

The Global Seminar is a series of meetings at which leading scholars from all over the world address current issues of financial and actuarial mathematics. The project is led by the Foundation's Scientific Director, Dr. Yuri M. Kabanov.

The seminar meetings are traditionally held on Saturdays and are open to a wide audience. You can register for the Global Seminar here.

More information about the Seminar and upcoming talks can be found on the website.