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Start of selection for the winter school in partnership with Sirius University

From October 17 to November 10 inclusive, applications are being accepted for participation in the winter school “QUANTATON 2022: 2nd Chernomorskaya School in Financial Mathematics” for students of Russian universities, organized by the Vega Institute Foundation and Sirius University. The school will be held from December 11 to December 18, 2022 in urban-type settlement Sirius.

The students will have a week-long intensive introduction with modern financial mathematics and practical implementation of the relevant methods in C ++ language from recognized foreign and Russian experts.

The following are invited for training:

• 2-4 year undergraduate students in fields of "mathematics", "information technology" and related specialties;
• 3rd-4th year bachelor's degree students in economics with an advanced mathematical background (as an example, you distinguish between Riemann, Lebesgue and Ito integrals);
• students of 2-4 courses of a specialist in mathematical specialties.

The selection of participants is carried out on the basis of an assessment of a motivation letter, a resume and the results of a knowledge test on the basics of financial mathematics and programming in C ++. Knowledge testing is carried out after passing the preparation for the test, offered by the organizers in a remote format.

Student participation in the school is free of charge. Travel of students across Russia to the venue of the school, accommodation and meals are provided by the organizers.

Detailed information about the event and the selection process on the school website.