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Black Sea school in Sochi

Vega Institute Foundation served as co-organizer of the Spring School at Sirius University held from April 19 to 24 at Sochi. Together with Sirius Mathematics Center, the Foundation organized the first Spring School on New Developments in Mathematical Finance. One of the project’s aims was to engage students and young scientists in Russia in the field of financial mathematics. The school was attended by 42 senior mathematics students as well as postgraduate students in mathematics from Russia’s leading universities. The lectures were given by international experts who conduct active research in the field of financial mathematics, and English was the principal language of those lectures. While at school, the participants mastered an eventful program of seven disciplines, including such subjects as stochastic calculus for continuous semimartingales, backward stochastic equations and optimal stochastic control. On the part of the Foundation, the delegation was headed by the member of the Board of Directors and Associate (Quantitative Research) at VTB Capital Kirill Klimov.