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QUANTATON-2022 ended with the victory of the "pSTAR" team

In the period from 4 to 10 July, the Kochubey Center, Pushkin (St. Petersburg) hosted the summer school of the Vega Institute Foundation. 30 students from 9 cities of Russia participated in the event.

The first three days of the school were lectures. The recognized experts in their fields, such as Dmitry Kramkov (Carnegie Mellon University), Evgeny Burnaev and Alexey Zaitsev (Skoltech), Rostislav Berezovsky (Hash CIB), gave the guys an intensive introduction to financial mathematics, machine learning and blockchain technologies. After the lecture hours the participants had a chance to ask mentors-scholarship holders of the Foundation the questions about the materials.

Then the competitive part ''QUANTATON'' started. The guys were divided into 10 teams of three people and in this composition they solved practical tasks in each direction of the school for a limited period of time.

The gap between the first and second places according to the results of the competition was only 1 point. The pSTAR team consisting of Tingir Badmaev (VMC MSU), Lev Khodzhoyan (FCS NRU HSE) and Amir Valeev (VMC MSU) took the lead.

In the second place was the team "Dayte meru!" as part of Maxim Savinov (VMC MSU), Svetlana Matuz (Mekhmat MSU) and Alena Polyukh (IMIT AltSU). The third place was taken by the SEE team consisting of Pavel Skvortsov (Mekhmat of Moscow State University), Yegor Efimov (FSE&CS NRU HSE-Perm) and Altan Erdnigor (Faculty of Mathematics NRU HSE).

Despite the tight schedule of the school, the participants saw the city at night and drawbridges, went on excursions in the Catherine's Park and the Palace, watched a movie together and spent an evening of songs with a guitar.