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Key takeaways of the 2nd International Summer School in Financial Mathematics

The closing ceremony of the 2nd International Summer School in Mathematical Finance took place on September 3.

Over two weeks, more than 100 students, including those from other countries, took part in the School’s events. The classes were held both in-person and online, and lectures were given by academics from major international higher education establishments such as Carnegie Mellon University, the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, École Polytechnique, University of Vienna, and others.
The Summer School was held in two stages. Moscow School of Economics of Moscow State University hosted the School’s first week, and participation was open to all those who submitted an online application. The School’s second week was organized at the University’s Krasnovidovo retreat center on the shores of Mozhaysk water reservoir. After shortlisting, 37 students were given an opportunity to participate in the 14th annual European Summer School in Financial Mathematics that was broadcast online from Edinburgh. Online lectures were accompanied by the subsequent offline analysis of presented content. Throughout the week, the students also took active part in sightseeing and outdoor events.