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A new specialization in Fundamental Mathematics & Mathematical Finance declared to be launched

On March 31, the Vega Institute Foundation and the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics presented a new joint specialization "Fundamental Mathematics and Mathematical Finance".

At the meeting, Nikita Novydarskov, Chief Executive Officer, Kirill Klimov, member of the Board of Directors and Yuri M. Kabanov, Scientific Director spoke on behalf of the Foundation. They talked about the educational and scientific initiatives of the Foundation, the new specialization and what prospects the study of fundamental mathematics gives in its application to finance and actuarial sciences.

Mikhail Y. Popelensky, Deputy Dean of the Faculty for Academic Affairs and Anton O. Belyakov, Deputy Head of the MSE Department of General Economic Theory had been also invited as speakers of the event.

The specialization’s module of economic courses is developed jointly with the Moscow School of Economics. Anton Belyakov answered the participants’ questions about the content of these courses and, as a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, shared his educational and professional experience.

The Foundation’s scholarship recipients finalized the presentation by talking about their motivation for choosing financial mathematics and their experience of participating in the Foundation's educational and scientific projects. The participants of the meeting had the opportunity to ask all their questions to the fellows in an informal format after the official part.

The program is aimed at training highly qualified and versatile generalists who are able to quickly learn and adapt to new changing realities. The specialization is built on:

• powerful modern mathematical base;
• vision of business community practitioners;
• experience of leading world and Russian scientists in the field of fundamental and applied mathematics with expertise in the field of mathematical finance and actuarial sciences.

More details can be found on the program website. Follow the news in the telegram channel of the specialization.